What can you do around the lodge?

  • At 15 minutes walk from the lodge, you can bath in the hot spring waters and swim in Shalla Lake surrounded by Flamingos.
  • Walks can be organized with the scouts of the National Park to discover the beautiful hilly savanna area on the border of the lakes, the flamingos, many birds as well as the hot springs in the nearby area.
  • Visits to the neighboring local farmers with a traditional coffee ceremony will introduce guests to the daily Ethiopian life in the country site.

What can you visit in the area?

  • Weekly Market on Thursday in the village of Senbete, at 6 km.
  • Wondo Genet, a hot water swimming pool in a natural forest, 52 km or 1 hour by car from the lodge, by passing through Shashemene.
  • Awassa Lake, 60 km from the lodge or 1 hour, one of the best birding places in Ethiopia.
  • Senkele Hartebeest Sanctuary, at 1 hour drive from the lodge, direction of Sodo.
  • Lephis Forest, a tropical forest with a waterfall of 43 m at 1, 5 hour drive from the lodge.  Back to Arsi Negele and near the telecom a small road to the right for 22 kilometers. A local guide association organizes the walk